The 2015 Military Training Technology (MT2) Top Simulation and Training Company List is out and features Visual Purple as a featured top simulation and training company. The award honors only the top simulation and training companies around the world that have made a difference in training for military personnel.

Although this is not the first time that Visual Purple has been recognized on the list, it is a proud accomplishment for Visual Purple nonetheless to see that our training really does make a difference.

Military Training and Technology Top Simulation Company

The training submitted for the award supported limited gamification elements with a technology driven theme. The final training product delivered a high level of interactivity and replayability with the ability for the trainee to learn and apply knowledge through the simulation. Ultimately the training sought to have the player “think like the enemy.”

The training provided a story-centric approach to complex training material that was simple to play and encompassed a Hollywood plausible storyline. Action sequences provide rewards to the player and the training also served as a foundation for future episodes, which are currently under development. A big thank you to Military Training Technology Awards for recognizing our work!

Visual Purple is pleased to announce Supplier Clearinghouse certification as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). This certification entitles Visual Purple to conduct business as an official WBE in support of utilities per California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations.

Visual Purple pursued the WBE certification to increase both visibility and availability within diversity programs. More and more major contracts are adopting diversity mandates and policies as a key component of their vendor selection strategies. Many of Visual Purple’s clients utilize WBE’s as tier vendors to secure projects that have contractual diversity requirements. Visual Purple’s WBE status allows the firm to facilitate more effectively new business development initiatives as well as help its clients meet their diversity objectives.

“The Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) certification helps our clients and partners to meet diversity goals and qualify for new business opportunities,” commented company Owner and Chairperson, Lydia Heinbockel. Like its clients, Visual Purple will pursue projects that have set utilization guidelines for minority and women-owned enterprises.

WBE Certification

With the ringing in of the New Year it is once again time to recap the Top 5 blog posts from 2011, click on any of the below links for the full entry. Happy New Year to everyone!

Serious Gaming in the United States Military

In an article featured in the August 2011 issue of Military Training Technology the magazine asked, “What role(s) will your company best fill as the United States military turns more to the use of serious gaming in an effort to reduce the military’s training costs while maintaining the combat readiness of the warfighter?”

Virtual Worlds for the Defense Sector

The Department of Defense has been in the news on a number of occurrences in past months highlighting the use of virtual worlds by the organization. They are utilizing virtual worlds for a host of different applications, one of which deals with post-traumatic stress in our soldiers, see this story for more details. This project is called The T2 Virtual PTSD Experience and is based in Second Life. By being based in Second Life it does allow an extra layer of interactivity as the player/ trainee is able to interact with anyone else that is experiencing the simulation. It just goes to show that the immersive nature of virtual worlds make them a prime candidate for this type of training and much more!

The Uncanny Valley

The blog post title may have you scratching the top of your head a little bit…The “Uncanny Valley” is a phenomenon that leads to a reaction from an all ‘but-not-quite-right’ simulated human form, whether it be robotic or animated. The term was invented by roboticist Masahiro Mori to depict the negative emotional response ‘real’ humans exhibit when a robot (avatar) seems practically human. Appearance and action are the two biggest factors that could potentially lead to this phenomenon playing out while one is immersed in a virtual world. Thus the overall quality of the avatar is paramount in any type of training simulation, the worst thing you can do is lead the player to possess detachment from the training. The human brain never ceases to amaze me.

Virtual Learning Environments- A New Trend?

Elearning! Magazine recently came out with a report on Virtual Learning Environments: Trends and Insights. The report outlined that virtual learning environments are one of the fastest growing solutions for learning. According to the report “In a June 2010 study conducted by Elearning! Media Group, 64 percent of all corporate respondents have implemented virtual learning within their organizations, and 18 percent more plan to add them. The same study reports virtual worlds for learning will grow 250 percent over the next year to 21 percent of enterprises. At the same time, social learning and collaboration is exploding, with 77 percent of enterprise using or planning to use these tools for learning.” Let me summarize that for you in case you weren’t paying attention…64 percent of respondents have implemented virtual learning within their organizations!

What Role are you Looking to Play?

An often-overlooked critical aspect of simulation training is the best manner in which to train: individual or collectively. Visual Purple offers three modes:
1) Single Player, Single Role – The trainee will always play one role; synchronous interaction with live players not supported or desirable due to intelligent simulation world.
Available: Decision-Based, Virtual World, Hybrid, Embedded

Greetings all VP loyal blog followers! Our apologies for not being consistent in our blog posts as of late…new offices, new technology, an expanding team have kept our ops tempo up! Most exciting is our game-changing technology released in September… years in development, GisterPRO is a cloud-powered Exploratory Search technology. Huh? What did you say? Below is a quick overview of GisterPRO. It is a revolutionary new approach to search inspired by many factors not the least of which is our core competency in understanding analysts needs and processes from years of producing intelligent training sims in this domain. We get it that analysts need better tools especially when it comers to being more effective in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

A GisterPRO SaaS Exploratory Web Search starts in the Amazon cloud. An army of Drones (Intelligent Web Crawlers) read all results- tens of thousands of documents- from fifteen search engines carefully selected to cast a wide net. Only the best results (Gisted Results) are presented for rapid review and sorting.

Gisted Results include thumbnail snapshots and metrics generated by precisely reading unstructured data from web pages and documents in an automatic, unbiased manner. This assures the user that their search terms will be in the returned pages and documents while rejecting search engine optimization strategies and profit biasing of results by search engines.

Rapid filtering of Gisted Results is achieved by sorting a unique and powerful reporting metric: Closeness Factor. This is an amalgamation of factors that report on how significantly the search terms are related to each other in a specific document.

Discovered Entities, automatically extracted terms of interest, are displayed with concepts and linkages on an interactive Globe, encouraging easy search exploration and refinement by clicking Globe terms. Simply put, GisterPRO both helps to construct the question, and rapidly reveal the best answers.

Discovered Entities are both listed and intelligently grouped (Automatic Disambiguation) on the Globe presenting the best data picture available from the entire text corpus acquired by the search. This projection- the story of the data- often reveals important or actionable intelligence and empowers the user to drill down.

September 2011 marked the official release of the production version of GisterPRO as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and customized for clients with special considerations and requirements, in both the OSINT World and the Enterprise. You can learn more information about GisterPRO by downloading the Product Overview below or visiting the GisterPRO website at to sign-up for a 14-day trial.

And don’t worry… We haven’t lost our simulation roots. We continue to do three worlds of custom-built simulation training for select clients and licensing of our authoring technology.

Visual Purple has been on Twitter for some time now (@visualpurplesim), however we thought you might want to follow a few more Twitter peeps.



Generation Z, also known as the Digital Generation is defined as people born between the early to mid 1990’s and the early 2000’s. What they bring to the table is a back of the hand knowledge on social networking and other applications as their lifestyles are predominately dominated by technology. From the type of cell phone they use, to the car they drive and everything in between, technology rules! Not to mention the fact that they don’t really know a world without technology. They were born at the dawn of the world wide web and can also be identified as Generation M (or the internet generation). Needless to say they lead a highly connected type of lifestyle (and are accustomed to no-other). Everything has always been at their fingertips from cell phones, to YouTube and the iPod. They are extremely adept at multi-tasking and handling anything that technology may throw their way.

Visual Purple was just recognized as a Top Training and Simulation Company for 2011 by Military Training Technology. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Visual Purple has made the list. MT2 publishes the list each year, with the winners selected by an impartial panel of judges from a highly competitive group of companies. A variety of criteria’s form the basis for selection, including total military sales volume, and overall program effectiveness. The winning companies from around the world are recognized as making a significant impact on the military training industry across the spectrum of technologies and services. We are very honored to once again be named a Top Training and Simulation Company for 2011.

So I’m sure that most of us have heard the term – “Death by Webinar” and yes, I too will confess to multi-tasking throughout a webinar. It just isn’t as interactive and interesting as other stuff I could be doing. So for WebEx and death by PowerPoint, oh the hours we have all spent putting together those snazzy little PowerPoint presentations. Are webinars really still a breakthrough technology? In my humble opinion the presenter of the webinar speeds through the slides and the attendees aren’t given the ability to learn at their own pace, providing for information transfer but not much learning.