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No, I am not talking about training with syrup or pie eating contests, rather training that increases learner retention rates and compels the learner to actually remember what they have learned. Research has found that participants in online training groups demonstrated significantly greater knowledge during post-training and follow-up compared to instructor-led training and text.

Many studies have been conducted regarding simulation training versus standard classroom training. The Edgar Dale studies have shown that “simulation training is a specialized type of e-learning that engages the learner into taking an active part in the training rather than simply reading or listening.” Edgar Dale’s studies of the early 1990s have created the “Cone of Learning” depicted below. This Cone of Learning shows that we remember and apply only 10% of what we read, but remember a remarkable 90% of what we do.

Edgar Dale Cone of Learning

The desired end result of decision simulation training is a positive change in trainee behavior. Visual Purple’s training techniques make learning an active process that results in a different way of looking at your own decisions and experience. These differences are experienced by the trainees as they work through the various threads within the decision simulation. These new perspectives lead trainees to a deeper understanding of the processes involved in accomplishing their goals – a new awareness of “how to” – that is experienced through participation in the framework of the decision simulation.