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Blogs are great if you treat them right! Our mea culpa is too much to do, and not enough time. So, things had to take a back seat…like blog posts.

We are coming out of two major technology advancements for both our simulation technology: F.I.S.T., and GisterPRO 2.0. Only recently have we been able to breathe a sigh of relief and look out to the real world of business development. So, thank you for your patience as we go about updating our websites and working to communicate our exciting new capabilities and relationships. Stay tuned!

Visual Purple has been on Twitter for some time now (@visualpurplesim), however we thought you might want to follow a few more Twitter peeps.



The ITEC Conference held May 18-20th, 2010 in London is Europe’s largest and most established Defense Training and Simulation Conference and Exhibition. ITEC 2010 provides expert insight into the opportunities and challenges driving developments in the Defense Training, Education and Simulation industry, along with hands-on experience of new and proven solutions from world leading defense companies and smaller specialist suppliers. The UK is second to the US in terms of defense training spending and is ideal to play host to Europe’s annual defense training, education and simulation event.

On May 18th, 2010 Ed Heinbockel, President and CEO of Visual Purple will be presenting a session entitled “Embedded Training: Overcoming Challenges to Train the United States Military.” Covered within the session will be the drivers that created and influenced the identification of the need for embedded training and the process employed to produce the simulations. Not for the faint of heart, the harsh realities of a nine month production cycle will be shared along with anecdotes and lessons-learned from both production and client perspectives to include cultural and technical challenges.

Ed Heinbockel has confirmed to be on an industry panel at the upcoming Engage! Expo entitled “Vendor View: Collaborating to Cross the Chasm.” Join Ed on Thursday, September 24th from 4 to 5 pm.

What’s the session all about?
Thinkbalm has identified a number of barriers that need to be overcome to enable increased adoption of immersive technologies in the workplace. You can view and download the PDF of the ThinkBalm’s analyst report: Crossing the Chasm, One Implementation at a Time here.

Tony O’Driscoll will moderate a panel discussion with CEOs from the vendor community to understand what are planning to do from a technology roadmap perspective to address these issues so that we can collectively drive increased adoption and get across the chasm.

Tony O’Driscoll, Professor of the Practice, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business (moderator)
Chris Badger, VP of Marketing, Forterra Systems
Ron J. Burns, CEO, ProtonMedia
Ed Heinbockel, President & CEO, Visual Purple, LLC.
Howard Mall, VP of Engineering, ECS, Inc.

Visual Purple is excited to announce that we will be attending the Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) in June to present Winning in Wireless, CEO Simulation in a virtual world case study.

See Visual Purple’s persistent virtual world, a proprietary combination of powerful tools and techniques, in action. Visual Purple’s case study will focus on converting and applying conventional computer-based training (CBT) into a virtual world.

The project centers on practicing management decision making skills in a virtual world. By successfully navigating challenges in the virtual world, the learner gains critical insight and knowledge about the role of management and why decision making, strategic and financial forecasting and adherence to company vision, values and mission is important. The case study will provide insight into best practices for converting conventional CBT to a virtual world environment and illustrate how key skills can be taught while simultaneously providing functional cross-training and developing understanding of the roles and skills of others within an organization.

Visual Purple’s persistent virtual world provides a private and secure, asynchronous environment with advanced questing. There are options for browser-based deployment, multi-player deployment, behavioral and synthetic intelligence implementation and LTMS configuration for tracking and/or deployment.

Join Visual Purple as they outline their process and practices and demonstrate a case study about improving managerial situational awareness for decision making aligned with corporate vision, objectives and strategy.

Ed Heinbockel has just been confirmed as a panel speaker for the 3D TLC Training, Learning and Collaboration conference to be held in Washington DC April- 20-21st. Mr. Heinbockel will be featured on the panel entitled DESIGN. “A group of world-class experts to share the do’s and don’ts of the DESIGN of compelling and effective 3D Training and Learning applications. Key points to be discussed include: biggest mistakes first-timers make when they launch themselves headlong into designing immersive learning environments; whether it helps or hurts to design learning experiences in virtual contexts if you have experience in instructional design; The biggest barriers to designing compelling and “sticky” immersive learning experiences and The top lessons learned in designing and implementing immersive learning experiences.”