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It seems as though the once wildly popular, Computer-Based Training (or CBT for short) just isn’t ringing in any headlines these days. You just aren’t hearing about company trainees using a CBT (and no I am not referring to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and falling in love with it, or asleep for that matter. For goodness sakes, even the Army is abandoning the some flavors of CBT! Training, assessment and design are all key features to a CBT course, however these also are all key elements to more innovative types of training (such as virtual worlds). Advantages of the CBT system were really based around the learner being able to learn at his/ her own pace, this means it’s not too remedial for seasoned employees and is also able to cater to a slower pace for the newbie’s within an organization. Mainly popular in the 1980’s and 90’s – however the full breadth of CBT was not there as computers (and later the Internet) where just beginning to pick up steam. Although Computer-Based Training is being utilized it has transformed into eLearning (boring!) or virtual world training (bring it on!). Yeah sure, CBT can now offer streaming audio and video and even be web-based, but so can a host of other more efficient and cost-effective training methods. Rest in peace CBT.

By Ed Heinbockel, President and CEO, Visual Purple, LLC

Are you focusing on learner engagement and learning experience take-aways within current solutions? E-Learning can result in a hard pressed “push” of the learner’s results.

Let’s further examine a comparison of push vs. pull training… Within a virtual world environment the learner is able to “pull” content as they see fit with various types of overlays on top of the technologies driving the simulation. Logics are embedded to reveal specific information when needed. Virtual world training environments allow the general ability to watch what people are and are not doing while still honoring the different process styles associated with learning. Whereas within an e-Learning “push” environment the learner is pushed directly through the experiences, without the ability to alter the outcome and make decisions on their own.

Visual Purple and BTS transformed a traditional “push” e-Simulation into a “pull” virtual world environment. By leveraging existing training investments one can generate a higher learner/trainee retention rate, apply to wider range of audience and reap benefits from the significant cost savings. A virtual world approach will result in reduced training time, and improvement of overall learning effectiveness for the learner. By utilizing persistent world applications to guide the learner to succeed through decision-based scenarios enabling active participation, virtual world applications allow for engaging and realistic 3D training environments that are directly applicable to business needs. The key is to unlock potential from an existing “push” e-Learning solution and evolve it into a realistic and sticky “pull” virtual world training medium. Many top organizations are transitioning to virtual world based training solutions. Beginning from square one or utilizing an existing e-learning or CBT solution and transferring it into a successful virtual world training application. Virtual worlds offer the learner the foremost in freedom, interactivity and adaptability where specially tailored environments ensure realistic interaction and imagery to promote full emotional and intellectual engagement in any scenario.

View the trailer of the transformation from a “push” learning module to an immersive “pull” learning environment.

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YouTube Visual Purple Winning in Wireless Virtual World trailer

Well most people just don’t go out and buy a car without asking what type of warranty is associated with it. Although training simulations don’t provide a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty they should have some type of guarantee/warranty behind them. For Visual Purple we stand behind every product we produce, leading to ultimate customer satisfaction. Each business has specific needs and unique training ideas and challenges; before selecting a training provider ask questions…lots of questions! Here is a good primer:

Checklist of Questions to Ask:

-Can we see your company’s past performance?
-How long will it take to build?
-How can you assure on time delivery?
-Is a project work plan provided?
-Any hidden costs?
-Creativity & SMEs – Can you dedicate the right people in your organization to be available at predetermined windows to provided critical input to the build process?
-Is any technology support provided?
-Will the solution be specifically tailored to fit my organizations needs?
-Ability to enhance/ add onto existing courses…can the training solution be easily extended or re-vamped?
-Any recurring costs for maintenance/ hosting?
-Technology license fully paid up or recurring?
-Language support- localize into a variety of languages?
-Is there transparency during the development process?

What is the end result that your organization is looking for? At Visual Purple we build effective and trusted solutions from the ground up, no off-the-shelf products here. Most organizations are looking for a training solution that gets results… at Visual Purple our advanced training simulation technologies get results (road tested and proven…your mileage may vary).