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This is a two- part blog post on the promise and peril of virtual worlds, this post will specifically focus on the promise of virtual worlds. Recently K Zero posted a Forecast for the Virtual Worlds Sector on their blog:

“By the end of this year we’ll be at the 150 mark for total worlds. We forecast this number to double by the end of 2010.”

“Combine all of this and we get to our 2012 forecast of 900 virtual worlds.”

“We forecast 2012 revenues to reach $6bn and 2013 to hit $9bn.”

Yes that is Billion with a capital B! But 900 virtual worlds by 2012 could this be true- a little more than 2 years away and we haven’t even hit the 150 number!? What will be the differentiating factor from one virtual world to the next with that many virtual world applications to choose from? We don’t even have that many options with social media apps. as of yet. It seems like a daunting figure- although I am all for the growth of virtual worlds- how many is too many? There are many indications that virtual worlds hold a very bright future.

So you may ask why virtual worlds?
-Reducing Training Costs
-Increasing Company Revenues
-Training / Education
-Increase in Employee Productivity
-Customer Interaction
-Product Development
-Process Optimization
-Offer an Immersive Learning Experience
-High fidelity graphics