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By Ed Heinbockel, President and CEO, Visual Purple, LLC

Something wonderful is happening.

The controlled nature of militaries usually results in standards being pushed down the chain. Refreshingly, we are witnessing a rare phenomenon. Bohemia Interactive and its delightfully robust 3D platform, Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2), is taking over militaries worldwide by storm.

This bottom-up emerging standard is a testament to warfighters needing to get things done…now! They found a solution that works better than officially mandated and very expensive top-down solutions. We’re seeing VBS2 as an evolving standard for our military with the Marines leading the way and the Army close behind.

Several important announcements around VBS2 are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Embedded Training simulations use stories to train users of complex software systems. These embedded training simulations contain all the best features of Visual Purple decision-based simulations (described below), but are built in to (or essentially reside as a layer on top of) the client software. Users experience a compelling story that motivates them to excellence while training on their own software system. One hundred percent of Visual Purple embedded training translates into performance improvement because the on-the-job software becomes the training software – nothing gets lost in translation!

Complex systems are ripe for embedded training. The U.S. military recognizes the value of fusing realworld software applications with advanced training simulations. This fusion permits the trainee to use the actual software application and become proficient in not only the buttonology, but to gain an appreciation and understanding of the “big picture” as well. Future Combat Systems (FCS), a major Army modernization program (and currently being redefined and renamed), has as one of its core tenets that both collective and individual training be embedded to increase efficiency, improve retention, enable on-demand, anytime-training, reduce costs and ultimately reduce or eliminate the often costly and cumbersome logistics tail associated with in-theater training.

In late 2008, Visual Purple released its first embedded trainer to support our warfighters in theater. Utilizing a vast array of proven simulation technology, Visual Purple is able to provide immersive 3D embedded training to a variety of sectors. Resident in Visual Purple’s approach to embedded training is that the advanced training simulation reacts to the software application as it is driven by a training database. This approach allows users with no training whatsoever on the software application to be guided to mastery at their own pace. As trainee skills evolve the embedded trainer reacts and increases the tempo reducing time-to-train. Visual Purple’s proven approach to embedded training in some ways represents the Holy Grail of training in today’s increasingly complex and data intensive world.

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Ok- we will blow our own horn here. We just were awarded as a finalist for the first annual Government Security News (GSN) Homeland Security Awards. To see the full list of award finalists, click here.

Best Training/Higher Education Services Finalists:
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Visual Purple
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