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With new technology deployments- a lot are hesitant to jump in and take a risk. The conundrum here is really ROI; will my investment really pay off? New technology deployments are always risky. But just as with anything else without taking the risk one will never know what could have been. Although early adopters tend to jump on the bandwagon, many remain skeptical and want to see some proven success before trying out a new program. Without a tried and proven solution to demonstrate what your specific results may be it may be a hard sell (especially to those higher on the ladder). However, by taking the risk one may gain the technological advantage in the marketplace.

New technology always takes a while to reach the maturity curve and the ROI studies that follow will be tried and true, but you may now be behind in implementing a solution and your competition could have the upper hand. But by the time the technology is no longer new it may be too late. So are you a risk taker or do you avoid risk at all costs? It’s up to you but just remember you may lose the competitive advantage in this scenario.