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For those of you that are familiar with Visual Purple’s work you are probably well aware that we are very passionate about the power of story in relation to our simulations (whether they are embedded or virtual world based). We are hard-wired to relate to characters and story. Think about it: What draws you into a movie, simulation, or even a virtual world? ENGAGEMENT is key through the narrative. The narrative is able to drive the player through an entire sequence of events (for you hardcore instructional design types, story really does answer the mail on sequencing) that engages and aids the learner in retaining the materials covered. The storyline also allows the player character a way to become fully immersed in the simulation and also offers a way for the simulation path to branch into a variety of different scenarios based upon the player’s actions or inactions.

You find storytelling in everyday aspects of your life from posting and reading tweets on Twitter to talking on the phone – storytelling is all a part of what we do. Whether in relation to work or on a personal note; storytelling is weaved into our everyday lives…it IS our life! Every person has a story and every simulation has a story, each storyline is unique to the character (whether real or an avatar). By creating a storyline for a simulation to follow, the trainee is better able to interact, be immersed and learn and retain to very high levels. The use of storytelling in the form of simulation is key to immersing the trainee/ learner to train up.

Visual Purple, LLC. is proud to have been recognized with a Bronze Telly Award in the online training category. The Power of Story: Driven is a short tale about what a level 5 decision-based training simulation can offer. The prestigious international Telly Award honors the best in video, advertising and film production. Its recipients have demonstrated creative excellence and superior work in the industry.

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YouTube Visual Purple Power of Story: Driven

About Telly Awards
Founded in 1978, the Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online film and video. The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, interactive agencies, and corporate video departments in the world. The Telly Awards receives over 13,000 entries annually from all 50 states and countries around the world.


Well the short answer for Visual Purple simulations, is YES story really does drive a simulation! But to cover that enthusiastic “YES” a bit further let’s go down the storyline. Typically e-Learning solutions present an overload of information to the learner; which although some is absorbed, not a real high percentage is retained. When putting the “Learn by Doing” mantra on the table, then when a learner is engaged in a story-rich simulation of course more lessons, concepts and information will be retained. The learner basically chooses the paths of the storyline by making decisions throughout the course of the simulation and learns from those decisions in an evolving story context that he/she controls. And without a doubt, whenever one is empowered to make decisions, they buy in to the experience and enjoy a high level of emotional and intellectual engagement.

On one of his blog posts, Justin Gibbs, goes further in–depth on interactive story and its power over the player.

The most important thing is story-telling. It’s as singular and old-fashioned as that. –David Soul


A question I come across quite frequently is what different levels of simulation training mean. As an example I will use Visual Purple, who specializes in Level 5 training simulations (although our training simulations could span Levels I-VI, we really only ‘do’ Levels 5 and 6 – our own creation – Level 5 with our baked in patented I-Squared tech)). Most people don’t even realize what this means, nor do they realize what this entails and the real value in what we offer over other companies within the industry. Some may even write it off; figuring the higher level of training may be too advanced for their organizations specific training needs. With that being said there is a definite value in using a higher level of training. Level 5 training simulations provide the learner/ trainee with an unmatched training experience with the key element of built-in remediation/feedback – an intelligent tutoring feature.

Definition of Level 5 Simulation: Intelligent tutoring systems

· Complex, interwoven, multi-threaded, multi-path scenarios

· Ideal environment for exercising competencies, creative thinking skills, and decision-making

· Logical and illustrative consequences to user decisions

· Enhanced retention and motivation to succeed

(Definition provided by Dr. John G. Tyler of the MITRE Corporation)

Here is a link to view a sample of a Level 5 Simulation from Visual Purple:

Visual Purple Level 5 Training Simulation- Power of Story: Driven