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Most have wondered where we have been for the past little bit, let me tell you it hasn’t been a boring time for us here at Visual Purple headquarters. In reality we have been on some really cool projects. One of which being the creation of simulations for a nuclear power plant based upon lessons learned from the Fukushima incident.

Since the tragic 2011 Fukushima Daiichi power plant disaster, nuclear regulators and plant operators around the world have re-focused their energies toward training and readiness of personnel – in the context of thinking the unthinkable. Or, what is known in the industry as beyond design basis events, such as the 9.1 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan on 3/11/11. It was that crisis that illustrated the urgent need to prepare plant personnel to handle plant functions through the use of improved planning, additional equipment and training. Training for beyond design basis events enters a realm of training that can often only be realized in an immersive 3D world. To attempt to train otherwise is prohibitive from both cost and effectiveness perspectives. Visual Purple’s F.I.S.T. powered simulation training allows for rapid development and modifications as new procedures are defined and evolved through iterative testing in the virtual world.

Simulation based technology is the perfect tool to train personnel in protocols for dealing with potential incidents. It gives the personnel the ability to train in a true-to-life replicated environment that accurately mirrors their plant, down to the inch. Visual Purple has 15 years of experience in creating life like simulations that replicate the real-world while providing a safe practice environment for the trainee.

We are pleased to provide innovative simulation training solutions to a variety of sectors, and more recently to the energy industry (both nuclear and non-nuclear). Visual Purple’s proven training simulations and proprietary F.I.S.T. technologies deliver unparalleled training value across the energy, business and government sectors.