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It’s finally out! Video games are actually highly effective training tools, something that Visual Purple and I have been lamenting all along- but nevertheless a reputable study is now out to back it up! The news broke in October in a write up in Science Daily – yes, we are remiss in not getting this out in front of you sooner.

Although in my mind the term ‘video games’ would throw most off from reading the article, I persevered and would rather change the title from reflecting ‘video games’ to that of ‘serious games.’ In the article entitled “Video Games Can be Highly Effective Training Tools, Study Shows: Employees Learn More, Forget Less, Master More Skills” a study from the University of Colorado Denver Business School established that those trained by video games do their jobs better, have higher skills and retain information longer than that of workers learning in a less interactive environment.

According to the article “Sitzmann spent over a year examining 65 studies and data from 6,476 trainees and discovered those using video games had an 11 percent higher factual knowledge level, a 14 percent higher skill-based knowledge level and a 9 percent higher retention rate than trainees in comparison groups.” The findings further confirm that video games/ serious games really do have a purpose in the workplace and can provide a great level of value to any organization that utilizes them to train.