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For those of you that are familiar with Visual Purple’s work you are probably well aware that we are very passionate about the power of story in relation to our simulations (whether they are embedded or virtual world based). We are hard-wired to relate to characters and story. Think about it: What draws you into a movie, simulation, or even a virtual world? ENGAGEMENT is key through the narrative. The narrative is able to drive the player through an entire sequence of events (for you hardcore instructional design types, story really does answer the mail on sequencing) that engages and aids the learner in retaining the materials covered. The storyline also allows the player character a way to become fully immersed in the simulation and also offers a way for the simulation path to branch into a variety of different scenarios based upon the player’s actions or inactions.

You find storytelling in everyday aspects of your life from posting and reading tweets on Twitter to talking on the phone – storytelling is all a part of what we do. Whether in relation to work or on a personal note; storytelling is weaved into our everyday lives…it IS our life! Every person has a story and every simulation has a story, each storyline is unique to the character (whether real or an avatar). By creating a storyline for a simulation to follow, the trainee is better able to interact, be immersed and learn and retain to very high levels. The use of storytelling in the form of simulation is key to immersing the trainee/ learner to train up.