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A question I come across quite frequently is what different levels of simulation training mean. As an example I will use Visual Purple, who specializes in Level 5 training simulations (although our training simulations could span Levels I-VI, we really only ‘do’ Levels 5 and 6 – our own creation – Level 5 with our baked in patented I-Squared tech)). Most people don’t even realize what this means, nor do they realize what this entails and the real value in what we offer over other companies within the industry. Some may even write it off; figuring the higher level of training may be too advanced for their organizations specific training needs. With that being said there is a definite value in using a higher level of training. Level 5 training simulations provide the learner/ trainee with an unmatched training experience with the key element of built-in remediation/feedback – an intelligent tutoring feature.

Definition of Level 5 Simulation: Intelligent tutoring systems

· Complex, interwoven, multi-threaded, multi-path scenarios

· Ideal environment for exercising competencies, creative thinking skills, and decision-making

· Logical and illustrative consequences to user decisions

· Enhanced retention and motivation to succeed

(Definition provided by Dr. John G. Tyler of the MITRE Corporation)

Here is a link to view a sample of a Level 5 Simulation from Visual Purple:

Visual Purple Level 5 Training Simulation- Power of Story: Driven