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What are organizations searching for when it comes to training? 1) A new and innovative solution, 2) or a road-tested and proven solution. And if the answer is number two- then by definition do virtual worlds fit the bill?!

One size does not fit all when it comes down to training (and most clothes), no matter what the type. You don’t want single use training- meaning to use it once and then discard it. There is no cost savings in this. The learning environment can be the key to success or the ultimate in failure. What’s to ensure that your organization’s next training initiative is the right fit for your employees? Many others and I say that active participation is key, thus leading to higher retention rates and higher ratio of success. And guess what…. Virtual Worlds do offer the right fit for many organizations at a low cost and short time frame of concept, to development to implementation.

ASTD, recently released their State of the Industry Report. Here are a few key highlights of note:
• US organizations spent $134.07 billion on employee learning and development in 2008
• $88.59 billion was spent on the internal learning function
• $45.48 billion was allocated to external services
• Average annual expenditure per employee fell 3.8% from 2007 to $1,068
• The figure for learning expenditure as a percentage of payroll was 2.24% a small increase from 2007
• The average number of employees per learning staff member was 253