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All posts tagged virtual training market recently released a new addition to their Defense market reports, entitled “The Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2010-2020” among the highlights of the report is that the Military Simulation and Virtual Training market reached $8.4 billion in 2009, yes they did say billion with a “B.” The report also stated that armed forces worldwide are quickly taking to military simulations and virtual training as key tools in enhancing training capacity. One of the most influential reasons for the growth in the market is that military forces are looking to reduce training costs due to economic strains in the budgets of the organizations.

Military organizations are turning more and more to ‘serious’ game-based simulations to train war fighters. We were pleased to see that ReportLinker echoes our outlook on the military simulation and virtual training market to “increase significantly” in the future. Forecasts within the report are for the 2008- 2018 timeframe, the report projects military simulation and virtual training market will generate multi-billion dollar revenues in years to come. The report, cites difficulties with “training costs” and “time and risk of life” that have “forced military forces around the world to adapt technologies such as computer-based simulators and computer wargames in military training.” The summary notes that both combat and non-combat uses of virtual applications will rise in number.

According to ReportLinker, “Increasing concerns over training costs, time and risk of life have forced military forces around the world to adapt technologies such as computer-based simulators and computer wargames in military training. Most importantly, simulation and virtual training have so far proved to be not only cost-effective but also an effective way to train military staff in a wide range of activities. Those functions range from weapons training to flying and even medical training. Both combat and non-combat applications for military simulations and gaming technologies with increase significantly during the period 2008-2018.”

See Visual Purple’s work in embedded training technology for the military.

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