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Almost as exciting as David Letterman’s Top 10 list- here is a list of the top 10 blog posts of 2009 from Visual Purple’s Virtual Speak blog.

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A weekly wrap-up on what’s going on within the Virtual World sphere and beyond! Click on any of the below titles to read the full story.

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A weekly wrap-up on what’s going on within the Virtual World sphere and beyond! Click on any of the below titles to read the full story.

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A weekly wrap-up on what’s going on within the Virtual World sphere and beyond! Click on any of the below titles to read the full story.

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A weekly wrap-up on what’s going on within the Virtual World sphere and beyond! Click on any of the below titles to read the full story.

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A weekly wrap-up on what’s going on within the Virtual World sphere and beyond! Click on any of the below titles to read the full story.

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Ever wonder how to use someone else’s technology (legally) and apply it to your own project? Would you like to author an advanced simulation for the cost of traditional CBT or WBT? Now you can with Visual Purple technology! We are excited to introduce our suite of proven, proprietary and patented technologies.

For ten years we have put our blood, sweat and tears into developing business changing technologies that can transform your development processes and produce advanced simulations across three fronts: decision-based, embedded, or virtual world. The Visual Purple simulation suite provides unlimited possibilities. Just contact us for details.

By Ed Heinbockel, President and CEO, Visual Purple, LLC

We have an entertaining habit here at Visual Purple of diving down technology rabbit holes with a particular goal in mind and quickly finding ourselves looking squarely in the eyes of something far bigger, better and badder than anything we initially imagined. If we’re not careful, the proverbial technology tail would soon be wagging us. Looks like we may be living that dream today.

The ‘wouldn’t it be cool’ moment occurred some months back when we came to the realization that VWs demand avatars (NPCs) that behave in ways that would seem realistic and of utility. So we started down the path to achieve not Artificial Intelligence, but Behavioral Intelligence – or what we now choose to describe as Synthetic Intelligence. In future blogs we’ll break this down and explore the ‘why’ behind this naming convention as it implies much.

What about that tech rabbit hole, you ask? Oh yes, the rabbit hole. Think BIG databases. Think ‘smart’ databases. Think what that might do, distributed… got your attention now?
We’ll write more about this after our next patent filing. Stay tuned.

By Marcus Cannon, Business Development & Project Manager, Visual Purple, LLC

Sometimes the bottom line really is the bottom line. In the midst of an economic downturn executives are leery of spending on anything that doesn’t seem likely to increase profit. Charles Cooper echoed this sentiment recently closing with the advice that “telling the boss that you’re saving the environment in the process is not likely to be the clincher. Ever.” Similarly, JP Morgan’s managing director Mike Dorsey recently put it as bluntly as possible: “Saving the world is not a substitute for being financially successful.”

Luckily, using virtual world technology in order to offset travel costs is cleantech that makes sense. More and more companies are recognizing that consistently high fuel costs, lodging costs, per diem costs, and the opportunity cost of having the workforce away from the workplace doesn’t make that much sense. There may always be some number of events that companies will want live, but that number is dwindling. As virtual world technology improves, distributed workforces are more and more able to effectively use VWs as effective mediums for training, project meetings, team-building exercises, and conferences. Despite the traditional misconception—employees won’t pay attention because they’re sitting in their offices on their computers—many firms report that employees have higher immersion and participation levels while attending via a VW. These employees are not jet-lagged, they’re not sitting in a stuffy (or frigidly cold) conference room with dim lighting, and they’re able to bring the full resources of their native work environment to bear on problems and challenges being collaboratively discussed in the VW.

In a bear market prospects for cleantech as a feel-good investment are indeed bare. But when a minimal investment can offset massive costs and contribute to a company’s environmentally friendly image, that’s an investment executives are likely to embrace.