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The 2015 Military Training Technology (MT2) Top Simulation and Training Company List is out and features Visual Purple as a featured top simulation and training company. The award honors only the top simulation and training companies around the world that have made a difference in training for military personnel.

Although this is not the first time that Visual Purple has been recognized on the list, it is a proud accomplishment for Visual Purple nonetheless to see that our training really does make a difference.

Military Training and Technology Top Simulation Company

The training submitted for the award supported limited gamification elements with a technology driven theme. The final training product delivered a high level of interactivity and replayability with the ability for the trainee to learn and apply knowledge through the simulation. Ultimately the training sought to have the player “think like the enemy.”

The training provided a story-centric approach to complex training material that was simple to play and encompassed a Hollywood plausible storyline. Action sequences provide rewards to the player and the training also served as a foundation for future episodes, which are currently under development. A big thank you to Military Training Technology Awards for recognizing our work!

More often than not we here at Visual Purple meet with a client during an initial project kick-off meeting to lay out the project work plan, but by the end of the project so much has changed. It’s like you take a look back in time and think “gee if I had it to do all over again I would have done it this way…” Well I guess I should first say that this happens a lot in life, but when building a project from the ground up you must always anticipate that you could have done it a million other ways- just like building a house. You meet with the architect and draw up the plans, hire the contractor, pick fixtures and finishes and by the time the home is completed you still think, “I should have built the kitchen bigger and added an island or I should have added a window here.” Our goal here at Visual Purple is to help clients leverage our vast experience when considering possible ways of presenting training materials in an engaging manner. All the while thinking outside the box so the simulation is built in a way that the client doesn’t want to go back in time and say “I really wish they would have told me to present the training in this manner.” Well this is where our expertise and years of experience are here to help! Granted one of the many benefits of Visual Purple’s training products is our proven technologies that allow for rapid updates and changes. So unlike a newly constructed house that is more difficult to make any major changes and/ or updates to, Visual Purple simulations can easily be ‘remodeled’ later should the need arise.

Visual Purple training simulations offer a blend of Simulation Technology, Adult Learning Interactive Simulation Techniques, and the latest in 3D Visual Imagery. Successfully integrating these elements into cohesive simulations illustrates the power and potential of this training modality.

The Simulation Technology quickly draws trainees into the scenario, rapidly developing a sense of urgency as they are immersed in and engaged by the believable simulation scenario, ultimately living and learning through their interactions. Adult Learning Interactive Simulation Techniques stimulate positive behavioral change in trainees while they train, meaning that improved performance is immediate.

The pre-existing personal experience and formal education of adult trainees has created established habits, information coding, and interpretation methods which need to conform to standard policies and procedures required to achieve the requirements at hand. This past experience, coupled with dominant and preferred learning style, gives trainees the basis upon which to modify and apply their learning processes to meet the changing needs and conditions presented by the simulation. To facilitate the learning experience, Visual Purple employs a variety of Adult Learning Techniques in our decision simulations which include the following:

Being immersed in these proven Adult Learning Techniques and “living the simulation,” better prepares trainees to apply the virtual experiences learned through the decision simulation to the real events they face on a daily basis. This application to real situations produces results-oriented, productive, highly effective and efficient behaviors. Trainees become self-directive since they’ve accomplished the tasks in a simulated setting and are able to apply this virtual experience to new encounters. Their training enables establishment and implementation of their various strategies for success.